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  • Recorded On: 11/07/2022

    This webinar will feature three presentations on Canadian Cancer Surveillance

  • Recorded On: 10/17/2022

    Speaker: Dr. Loraine Escobedo Presentation: Geographic targeting of breast cancer screening services to high-need neighborhoods in Los Angeles County Dr. Escobedo will discuss geospatial methods to use cancer registry data to identify high-need neighborhoods where early breast cancer screening programs may be targeted to be most cost-effective. Speaker: Dr. Laticia Varella Presentation: Recent developments in breast cancer treatment Dr. Varella will discuss the main developments in breast cancer treatment in the past 2 years, with a focus on practice-changing clinical trials.

  • Recorded On: 09/12/2022

    Participant enrollment for the National Firefighter Registry (NFR) begins in 2022. The NFR is an exposure registry of U.S. firefighters for tracking and analyzing cancer trends and risk factors among the U.S. Fire Service. It is designed to be linked with population-based cancer registries periodically over time for prospective follow-up of participants' cancer status. Presenters from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) will discuss the design and status of the NFR, progress of participant enrollment, plans for cancer registry linkages, and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Recorded On: 08/31/2022

    It is important that at least one staff person from each central registry attend. This instructional webinar will cover the standard Call for Data process but will highlight critical changes for this year, including new data items and new de-duplication protocol. This webinar will also be recorded. CFD General Timeline: • Aug 31 CFD Instructional Webinar • Sept 1st CFD Resources updated on the NAACCR Call for Data Webpage • Oct 3rd NAACCR*Prep released • Nov 1st CFD Portal Opened • Dec 6th NAACCR CFD Due

  • Recorded On: 07/11/2022

    Please join us for a NAACCR Talk presenting results from two NIH Cohort Studies which have linked to cancer surveillance data. The first presentation builds upon what was presented in our March NAACCR Talk: Updates from Phase II VPR Pilot Studies, with more details on the unique cancer risk of organ transplant recipients. This study is a participating VPR-CLS study. The second presentation will provide results on the elevated cancer risk among HIV-infected people. This study links directly with a sample of central cancer registries.

  • Recorded On: 05/23/2022

    This presentation is about opening a conversation about how to retain and attract talent by considering the communication experience and reviewing beneficial workplace cultures. Topics discussed will include how to motivate your employees; why kindness matters in the workplace, the importance of workplace culture, how to improve communication, the importance of Benefits and Rewards, as well as have input from CTR's about their work experience.

  • Recorded On: 06/01/2022

    A series of webinars highlighting SEER data, software and web tools, and statistical methods.

  • Recorded On: 05/02/2022

    Identifying geospatial cancer survival disparities is critical to focus interventions and prioritize efforts with limited resources. Incorporating residential mobility into spatial models may result in different geographic patterns of survival compared with the standard approach using a single location based on the patient's residence at the time of diagnosis. In the presentation, we describe the process of linking residential histories from LexisNexis to New Jersey colon cancer cases and describe results from our geospatial analysis of colon cancer survival that included residential histories.

  • Recorded On: 04/25/2022

    This “How To” webinar will introduce participants to newly developed resources to support spatial analysis and health equity research. These resources, which include census tract-level population estimates for the United States, are freely available and developed specifically for using in cancer surveillance. This webinar addresses how to calculate cancer rates in SEER*Stat by tract-level based social measure, such as NAACCR Poverty Code. How to handle the incidence data, census tract-level population estimates, and the area-based social measures data will be covered step by step. This webinar is appropriate for registry analysts, academic researchers, and anyone interested in the use of cancer registry data.

  • Recorded On: 03/07/2022

    This NAACCR Talk will present 3 of the Phase II Pilot cohort studies that are linking with registry data via the VPR-CLS. Study updates as well as researchers’ perspective on using the VPR-CLS will be presented. The three studies include the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study, the Transplant Cancer Match Study, and the Cohort Cancer Follow-up Study.