ICD O/ SSDIs Updates and Clarifications for 2022

Please join us on Monday December 13, 2021 for free 2 hour webinar addressing changes and clarifications to the ICD O histologies and to SSDI's.

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2021 Updaes

Grade Review & Updates Presented August 26, 2020

During this webinar we will discuss:

-Core concepts of assigning a grade values in the clinical, pathological, Grade Post Therapy Clin (yc), and Grade Post Therapy (yp) fields. -Coding clarifications  -Updates for 2021

This 2-hour webinar is appropriate for new and experienced registrars. 

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 Updates ICD0 3.2 and Solid Tumor Rules Presented December 9, 2020

During the first part of this webinar we will discuss the impact of ICD O 3.2, particularly in terms of how it will affect reportability and casefinding, highlight resources that should be used in conjunction with ICD O 3.2, review the process for assigning histology, and work through ICD O 3.2 coding exercises. 

During the second part of the webinar we will review updates to the current Solid Tumor Rules and introduce the new Solid Tumor Rule module for Melanoma. 

The session will be recorded and posted to the NAACCR website. Participants will be awarded 2 Category A CE’s for participating in this session.

Presenters:  Lois Dickie, CTR Chair of the NAACCR ICD O 3 Work Group, Editor Solid Tumor Rules  Denise Harrison, BS, CTR Educator and Trainer  Jim Hofferkamp, BA, CTR NAACCR Program Manager of Education and Training

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2021 Updates: SSDI presented on January 14, 2021

During this webinar we will review SSDI's that are new for 2021, changes to general instructions, changes to current SSDI's, and discuss common coding problems.

The webinar will be presented by: Jennifer Ruhl, CTR Chair of the SSDI WG Jim Hofferkamp, CTR NAACCR Support Staff for the SSDI WG

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  • 2020 Grade Review and Updates Q&A
    2020 Grade Review and Updates Q&A
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    2020 Grade Review and Updates Recording
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    2020 Grade Review and Updates Slides

SEER Summary Stage 2018

  • SEER Summary Stage 2018 Webinar
    Please note that slides will appear after 35 seconds of talking.
  • SEER Summary Stage Q&A
    The Q&A has been updated. (11/07/2018)
  • SEER Summary Stage 2018 Slides
    Slides have been updated (11/07/2018)


Overview and Information on EditWriter5

  • Tips for Developing State Specific Metafiles in EW5
    Elaine reviews steps required to create a state specific metafile using EditWriter5.
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  • Overview of Editwriter 5