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NAACCR Talk: Leveraging multi-state cancer registry data to examine breast cancer disparities in a federally designated region

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The Delta Regional Authority (Delta Region) is a federally designated region of 252 counties and parishes in the eight state Lower Mississippi Delta Region states. More than one in five residents in the Delta Region live below the poverty line, and roughly one-third of residents are Black. Further, more than forty percent of Delta Region residents live in rural counties, and more than ninety percent of counties are designated as health provider shortage areas. All of these characteristics make the region vulnerable to numerous health disparities—including breast cancer disparities. The Delta Region overall has a higher breast cancer mortality rate than the rest of the country, and nine of the top ten counties for breast cancer mortality rates are in the Delta Region. This presentation will describe how NAACCR’s CiNA Deluxe data were used to examine disparities in breast cancer subtype and staging in the Delta Region.

NAACCR Talk: The NCI/NAACCR Cancer Reporting Zone Project

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The NCI SEER Program is collaborating with NAACCR to develop a set of geographic areas for cancer reporting.  During this webinar, we will describe the project and invite all U.S. registries to participate. 

We will describe the process that we are using to define new cancer reporting zones that are meaningful to stakeholders in terms of cancer reporting and cancer control planning; comprise adjacent census tracts and smaller counties (or portions of counties) that sum to population sizes that are sufficiently large to support stable rates; collectively cover the entire population of the state; are homogeneous with respect to important socio-demographic characteristics and are compact in shape; and have large enough case counts for data reporting, without compromising confidentiality; and result in a relatively small proportion of areas with suppressed values. 

We will conclude the webinar by describing the process for developing a set of cancer reporting zones for individual registries, share a general timeline, and explain how registries can participate.

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