The NAACCR Geocoder (+ MI GeoCorrect Tool as Lagniappe)

Recorded On: 08/04/2021

Learn what is new and get a demonstration of a new tool for manual geocode correction, the NAACCR MI GeoCorrect Tool. 

Recinda Sherman, MPH, PhD, CTR

Program Manager of Data Use and Research


Dr. Sherman Program Manager of Data Use & Research, NAACCR received her PhD from University of Miami Miller Medical School and her MPH from Oregon Health & Sciences University. Prior to her role at NAACCR, she worked at the Oregon and Florida registries. 

Dan Goldberg, PhD

Assiant Professor of Geography

Texas A&M

Dan Goldberg, PhD, Assistant Professor of Geography, Texas A&M Geoservices Lead Researcher and Creator
Dr. Goldberg received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 2002, and a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in 2003 and 2010 respectively. He serves at the Director of TAMU’s GeoInnovation Service Center. His research interests are GIS, geocoding, geocomputation, cyberGIS, 3D GIS, ADA GIS, routing, spatial databases, spatial uncertainty, spatio-temporal GIS, environmental exposure assessment, and healthGIS.

Christopher Johnson, MPH

Epidemiologist, Idaho SEER Principal Investigator

Cancer Data Registry of Idaho

Chris Johnson has worked as an epidemiologist for the Cancer Data Registry of Idaho, a program of the Idaho Hospital Association, since 1998. Mr. Johnson received a Master of Public Health degree in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina, a long time ago. He has been involved with NAACCR since early in his career as a cancer epidemiologist, and his main contributions to NAACCR today are on the Virtual Pooled Registry Cancer Linkage System and as lead editor for the NAACCR Cancer in North America (CiNA) survival and prevalence volumes.

Payton Baldridge, BA

Programmmer Analyst

Texas A&M

Payton Baldridge, BA. Programmer Analyst, Texas A&M Geoservices Support Staff & Developer has more than 14 years programming and application development experience and over 17 years website development experience. Mr. Baldridge is responsible for the NAACCR Geocoder Platform maintenance, research, development, and support. He leads a team that conducts geocoder testing and evaluation. He will be available for technical questions during the NAACCR Talk.