Sassafras! Reading and Writing NAACCR V21 XML using SAS

Recorded On: 03/24/2021

NAACCR has for many years provided SAS tools to the cancer surveillance community for reading and writing NAACCR-standard flat files. With the switch in V21 to only XML format, the toolset needed an upgrade. This webinar will demonstrate how to read and write NAACCR V21 XML files using SAS. It is highly recommended for registry staff and others in the cancer surveillance community who want to interface with NAACCR V21 XML files using SAS.

Christopher Johnson, MPH

Epidemiologist, Idaho SEER Principal Investigator

Cancer Data Registry of Idaho

Chris Johnson is an epidemiologist for the Cancer Data Registry of Idaho and the Principal Investigator for the Idaho SEER registry. He received a Masters of Public Health degree in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina. Mr. Johnson is a past NAACCR Board member and continues to be involved with several NAACCR work groups. A long-term SAS user, Chris has assisted NAACCR with creating SAS tools for reading and writing NAACCR files since way back in the flat file epoch.