Retention Through a Changing World

Recorded On: 05/23/2022

This presentation is about opening a conversation about how to retain and attract talent by considering the communication experience and reviewing beneficial workplace cultures. Topics discussed will include how to motivate your employees; why kindness matters in the workplace, the importance of workplace culture, how to improve communication, the importance of Benefits and Rewards, as well as have input from CTR's about their work experience.


Keri Miller, MS

SEER Manager

Alaska Native Tumor Registry

Keri Miller, has a Masters in Health Administration, a B.S. in Health Promotion, and A.S. in Graphic Design.  he is currently the SEER Manager for the Alaska Native Tumor Registry and she has also worked as a Hospital Registrar for nearly 10 years.    

Breana Norton, CTR

Cancer Registrar

M Heath Fairview

Breana Norton was interested in a healthcare job when she was introduced to the field of Cancer Registry where she quickly found it was a good fit for her. She has a background in Anatomy and  was a nursing student so getting a CTR certificate was a great next step. She has been CTR certified since September 2020 and has been working for a hospital network in Minnesota where she abstracts and casefinds for multiple facilities.