Refresh Your Knowledge: Requesting and Using NDI Linkages

Recorded On: 05/05/2021

NPCR, NDI and NAACCR collaborate to create a multi-organization presentation regarding requests and usage of NDI linkages for central cancer registries. This webinar provided through a NAACCR Talk will guide participants through a brief introduction and overview of the National Death Index, components necessary for proper completion and submission of application forms, Edits Metafile utilization for NDI linkage, instruction for processing results and any applicable recent updates. Participants will become familiar with approved data release and proper form completion along with other helpful information to assist you with a successful NDI record linkage.

Reda Wilson


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Reda Wilson, MPH, CTR is an Epidemiologist with CDC’s Cancer Surveillance Branch.  Ms. Wilson has more than 30 years’ experience in cancer surveillance; in an oncology practice and pathology laboratory, as a hospital cancer registrar, Director of the Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry, and Program Consultant with CDC’s National Program of Cancer Registries before moving to her current epidemiology position.  She is the author or co-author of several presentations and publications.

Lillian Ingster, PhD


National Death Index

Dr. Lillian Ingster has been the Director of the National Death Index since the summer of 2011.  She has two FTE staff who work with her; Michelle Goodier who processes all the runs and returns the results to you, and Velida Juzbasic who handles all the NDI applications.  Lillian is the person you will hear from if those forms aren’t filled out correctly.

Jim Hofferkamp

Program Manager of Education and Training


Jim is the NAACCR Program Manager of Education and Training and NAACCR Edits Metafile Administrator

Christopher Johnson, MPH

Epidemiologist, Idaho SEER Principal Investigator

Cancer Data Registry of Idaho

Chris Johnson has worked as an epidemiologist for the Cancer Data Registry of Idaho, a program of the Idaho Hospital Association, since 1998. Mr. Johnson received a Master of Public Health degree in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina, a long time ago. He has been involved with NAACCR since early in his career as a cancer epidemiologist, and his main contributions to NAACCR today are on the Virtual Pooled Registry Cancer Linkage System and as lead editor for the NAACCR Cancer in North America (CiNA) survival and prevalence volumes.