Recorded On: 02/20/2019

SEER*Stat is a powerful statistical application that is available free of charge from the US National Cancer Institute and provides a mechanism for the analysis of population-based cancer registry data. It has modules for the analysis and reporting of the four most common cancer-related metrics: incidence, survival, prevalence, and mortality.

SEER*Prep is a software that converts text data files to the format required by SEER*Stat. The objective of these series of webinars is to facilitate the use of SEER*Stat software for data that are not in accordance with the NAACCR format. Specifically, we will make use of a more generic, simplified format that complies with data usually available from cancer registries across the world, thus facilitating the use of SEER*prep and SEER*Stat. New variables in this global format include CI5 groupings and Essential TNM. These features will facilitate analysis and reporting of population-based cancer data in a standard format.

Steve Scoppa, BS

Senior Systems Analyst,

Information Management Services

Steve Scoppa, Senior Systems Analyst at Information Management Services focuses on the design and implementation of biomedical computer systems.  He has extensive experience and expertise in systems design and object-oriented programming, focusing mainly on desktop applications. Mr. Scoppa is a lead developer and designer of several systems, including the SEER*Stat, SEER*Prep, and HD*Calc software.  Mr Scoppa holds a BS in Computer Science from James Madison University.  He has been with IMS since 1990.

Gonçalo Forjaz, DVM, MSc

Reasearch Fellow, NCI

National Cancer Institute

Gonçalo Forjaz, Research Fellow at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), has twelve years of experience in the areas of cancer registration and data analysis. His research interests include prediction of the future cancer burden, attributable causes of cancer, and age-period-cohort modeling. Gonçalo has been working with IMS and with people from several cancer registries across the world in the improvement of SEER*Prep, the NCI's software that is used to create a SEER*Stat database. As an expert in CanReg5, the international open source software for population-based cancer registries developed jointly by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the International Association of Cancer Registries, Gonçalo has also been providing guidance and training for NCI’s work with IARC’s regional hub for the Caribbean countries. Gonçalo received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Évora, Portugal and his Master of Science degree in Human Oncology from the University of Porto, Portugal. 


Preparing your MORTALITY data to be used in SEER*Stat