NCI Geospatial Tools and Resources: State Cancer Profiles and GIS Portal for Cancer Research

Recorded On: 02/06/2023

This webinar will be focused on NCI’s interactive geospatial tools that are useful for characterizing areas of the country in terms of cancer incidence, mortality, screening frequency, risk factors, socio-demographic and environmental variables relevant to cancer.

This presentation will introduce two resources of geospatial tools for visualization of population-based cancer statistics at NCI: 1) State Cancer Profiles, an interactive mapping engine designed to provide a geographic profile of cancer with a combination of maps, charts, tables, and graphs presenting the latest available cancer statistics and other relevant data; and 2) GIS Portal for Cancer Research, a more comprehensive resource of geographically referenced cancer statistics, social and environmental data, several interactive tools, and knowledge related to geographic disparities in cancer burden.

James Cucinelli, BA

Senior Systems Analyst

Information Management Services, Inc

James Cucinelli is a Senior Systems Analyst at IMS. He has been supporting projects for the National Cancer Institute for over 25 years. He is a project manager for gis efforts and helps and facilitates the data generation and display of cancer statistics.

Jeremy Lyman, BA

Senior Systems/GIS Analyst

Information Management Services, Inc

Jeremy Lyman is a Senior Systems and GIS Analyst at IMS. Mr. Lyman has supported GIS projects for the National Cancer Institute for over 15 years. He creates web applications to showcase cancer statistics, makes maps for presentations and publications, and tools for geographic visualizations. 

Zaria Tatalovich, PhD

Geospatial Scientists

Statistical Research and Applications Branch, National Cancer Instiute

Dr. Zaria Tatalovich is a Geospatial Scientist in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the National Cancer Institute. Since joining NCI in August of 2008,she has provided leadership in cancer surveillance, geospatial research activities, and the development of NCI’s spatial infrastructure. Dr. Tatalovich developed number of funding opportunity announcements focused on geographic disparities in cancer, and overseen grants and contracts supporting cancer control activities. Her most recent research initiative involves Development of Custom Zones for Cancer Reporting – a collaborative effort, aimed at optimizing geographic areas for reporting, analysis, and visualization of cancer statistics across the US.


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