MedMorph New/Improved EHR Reporting and What it Means for My Central Cancer Registry

Recorded On: 08/02/2021

In this series we intend to inform the central cancer registries about a new EHR reporting initiative and how it is transforming the way EHR data are being reported to public health. Making EHR Data More Available for Research and Public Health (MedMorph) leverages HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), which has been developed and implemented by EHR vendors and is ready for central cancer registries to join the FHIRfight to improve completeness and timeliness.

Session 1: What is MedMorph and Why do We Care?

This webinar focuses on what Making EHR Data More Available for Research and Public Health (MedMorph) is, why the cancer community is involved, how MedMorph is different from other EHR reporting initiatives, and when MedMorph is happening.

Session 2: In Depth Review of the MedMorph Central Cancer Registry Reporting Use Case Implementation Guide (IG)

This session will be an interactive group discussion of the draft implementation guide (IG) being prepared for HL7 balloting. The review will include topics such as: whether the list of data elements is appropriate; whether a data element is required or optional for reporting; and value set selection, workflow, and triggers.

David E. Jones, PhD

Health Scientist (Informatics)

Cancer Surveillance Branch at CDC

David E. Jones, Ph.D., joined the Cancer Surveillance Branch at CDC in 2019 as a Health Scientist (Informatics). His work at CDC includes the Cancer Surveillance Cloud-Based Computing Platform for automating the cancer case collection process through standardized electronic reporting allowing access to real-time data; development of a statistical natural language processing application to process narrative clinical reports (pathology, biomarkers, and physician notes); and continued efforts for integration of laboratory and clinical data. Before joining CDC, David worked as a Senior Health Informaticist for the Utah Newborn Screening Program at the Utah Department of Health. In this position, David gained experience in project management and the use of standards for electronic data exchange from projects including the implementation of a patient centric laboratory information system (LIS); integration of the LIS with EHRs using HL7 version 2.5.1 messaging for both electronic laboratory ordering (ELO) and electronic laboratory reporting (ELR); and transfer of genomic information into an EHR using HL7 FHIR. David received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics from the University of Utah.

Sandy Jones

Public Health Advisor

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Sandy Jones is a Public Health Advisor with the Cancer Surveillance Branch, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA.  She coordinates the implementation of electronic reporting of cancer pathology and biomarker data from national and regional laboratories to state cancer registries using the NAACCR Volume V and CAP Cancer Protocols and Templates. Mrs. Jones serves as Co-Chair of the NAACCR Volume V Revision Task Force that is charged with updating the implementation guide for laboratory reporting of cancer pathology and biomarker data. She has been with the CDC since 1989 and has spent most of that time providing expertise in the areas of data management, computer programming, informatics, and network administration for cancer prevention and control and environmental health programs.

Wendy Scharber, RHIT, CTR

Founder/President, CDC Consultant

Registry Widgets

Wendy Scharber is founder and president of Registry Widgets, Ms. Scharber has more than 25 years of experience in public health, specializing in cancer registration. Ms. Scharber has created and managed electronic reporting systems, data conversion and electronic processing, and rules-based software support systems for cancer registration. Ms. Scharber is active in several National eHealth initiatives, serving as a bridge between the public health domain, standard setting organizations and implementation efforts.

Gakeria Kirton, BS

ORISE Fellow

Cancer Surveillance Branch at CDC

Gakeria Kirton is the ORISE fellow for the Cancer Surveillance Branch at CDC. Gakeria participates on several cancer informatics projects, with a primary focus on physician reporting. In addition, she is currently learning how cancer surveillance programs function and the workflow activities that are required for day-to-day operations. Gakeria recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences and certification in Health Informatics at Florida State University.

Becky Angeles, BS

Senior Healthcare Analyst

Corradora Health

Becky Angeles is a Senior Healthcare Analyst for Carradora Health which provides program support for the MedMorph project. Ms. Angeles offers nearly 20 years experience in analysis, harmonization, data modeling and training for interoperable healthcare technology solutions. Becky has been working with the MedMorph cancer team to identify, define, harmonize, and map cancer data elements for the Cancer Registry Reporting Implementation Guide being developed using HL7 FHIR under the MedMorph project. 


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