Introduction to space-time joinpoint regression and change of support with applications to geospatial cancer data in the Vesta software

Recorded On: 10/23/2023

This webinar will introduce Vesta, a software for visualization and exploratory space-time analysis and modeling.  Developed with funding from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Vesta is designed to accelerate visualization, hypothesis generation, and modeling of complex, multivariate datasets that typify health-environment relationships.  

This webinar will also demonstrate four applications of using Vesta to answer public health questions including hypothesis generation (identification of spatial patterns for cervical mortality that account for ethnicity and poverty, visualization of late-stage breast cancer incidence) and hypothesis testing (Flint water lead levels, late-stage breast cancer incidence). 

Pierre Goovaerts, PhD

Chief Scientist


Pierre Goovaerts (PhD) is Chief Scientist at BioMedware. Prior to joining BioMedware in 2002,Dr. Goovaerts studied at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)and at Stanford University. He spent five years on the Faculty at theUniversity of Michigan, Civil and Environmental Engineering department. He hastaught geostatistics workshops on six continents, which are attended byacademics, consultants and government employees, and was the 2013 International Association forMathematical Geosciences Distinguished Lecturer. Dr. Goovaerts has authored more than160 refereed papers in the field of theoretical and applied geostatistics,written the reference textbook in the field, and he is a reviewer for50 international journals. He is a consultant on environmental projects dealingwith the characterization of air, soil and water pollution and its impact onhuman health. Since 2006, Dr. Goovaerts has been a Courtesy Associate Professorat the University of Florida, Soil and Water Science Department. (See also Google Scholar and ResearchGate.)

Geoffrey M. Jacquez, MS, PhD



Geoffrey M. Jacquez (MS, PhD) is President of BioMedware, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Healthat The University of Michigan, and former Professor of Geography, StateUniversity of New York at Buffalo. Prior to founding BioMedware in 1990, Dr.Jacquez was a Research Associate at the Stony Brook Research Foundation at theState University of New York. Dr. Jacquez has led several successful softwaredevelopment efforts in the area of spatial and space-time data analysis,simulation, and modeling. He is internationally recognized in the field of GISand health, and holds four patents with one pending for unique softwareinnovations he conceived and developed. He is a founding member of theeditorial board of the journal Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology, and was recently co-science directorof crcsiAustralia health program (See also Google Scholar and ResearchGate.)


Introduction to Space-Time Joinpoint Regression and Change of Support with Applications to Geospatial Cancer Data in the Vesta Software
Introduction to Space-Time Joinpoint Regression and Change of Support with Applications to Geospatial Cancer Data in the Vesta Software Slides