2021-2022 Series

Subscriptions are now being accepted for the 2021-2022 Cancer Registry & Surveillance Webinar Series!

NAACCR will present a different webinar every month beginning in October and continuing through September of the following year. Each webinar is three hours (3 CEs) and will be presented on the first Thursday of each month. Because we have participants on both coasts, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, we present each webinar twice in the same day. The first presentation is from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) and the second from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. ET.

This year we will carefully review how changes to histology coding, the solid tumor rules, AJCC 8th Edition, EOD, Summary Stage 2018, and radiation coding impact specific sites.

Once again we have contracted with top subject matter experts who are also excellent presenters to co-host our webinars!

For more information about the topics we will cover and the co-hosts that will cover those topics, click Full Webinar Description

When you purchase a NAACCR webinar series you receive access to live webinars carefully produced and presented by professional CTR/trainers. You will also receive a recording of the live session that you can add to your training library, access to quizzes, quiz answers, case scenarios, case scenario answers, and a Q&A from the live session.

We expect to receive 3  continuing education (CE) credits from NCRA for each of the 12 webinars (36 total CE’s). We anticipate 11 of the 12 webinars will be eligible for Category A CE’s.

See our +1, +3, and +5 options if you have remote staff that would like to join the live session! 

NEW FOR 2021-2022

+5 Remote Staff Option included (at no extra charge) with the purchase of a 12 Webinar Series!!! 

Each 12 webinar subscription includes a single connection to the live webinar PLUS a complimentary 5 remote staff option.  Additional remote options may be purchased, but the total number of remote options may not exceed 20 remote staff.


Here are the costs of the different webinar packages.  To make a purchase, click on the link.  

Webinar PackagesCost
12 webinars (plus 5 remotes)$1,440 USD
9 Pre-Selected Webinars$1,215 USD
6 Pre-Selected Webinars$900 USD
Single Webinar (available upon request)$185 USD

Webinars included in the 9 and 6 Webinar Subscriptions are pre-selected. No substitutions. 

Option to purchase live access for staff working remotely when you purchase a webinar package. This option is available with purchase of a webinar package. 

+1 Remote Staff Member$100 USD
+3 Remote Staff Members$200 USD
+5 Remote Staff Members$300 USD

A Webinar subscription must be purchased in order to purchase remote option. 

• Purchase of a 1 remote staff member option entitles 1 remote staff member to participate in all 12       live sessions.
• Purchase of a 3 remote staff member option entitles 3 remote staff to participate in all 12 sessions.
• Purchase of a 5 remote staff member option entitles 5 remote staff to participate in all 12 sessions. 

Each webinar subscription includes a single connection to each of the live webinars included in the webinar subscription.  

A remote staff option is in addition to the single connection included with the subscription. For example, purchase of a 1 Remote Staff option would allow 2 connections. The 1 connection included with the subscription and 1 remote staff option.

“Remote Staff” are defined as individuals employed by or a member of the organization purchasing the webinar subscription. Remote options may not be used by individuals that are not associated with the organization purchasing the webinar subscription.