Registry of the Future Open Forum: Real-Time Reporting Update and Discussion

Over the past several years, NAACCR hosted several sessions focused on the “Registry of the Future". One of the common themes emanating from those sessions is that the registry of the future must be able to produce incidence rates in a more timely manner to meet customers' needs. The Assessment of Central Cancer Registry Timeliness and Reporting Standards (ACCR-TRS) Task Force is focusing on this aspect of the Registry of the Future to 1) determine barriers, challenges, and opportunities to improve timeliness of cancer reporting; and, 2) investigate the feasibility of changing central registry reporting timeliness standards to reflect better current practices and needs of registries and their customers. This webinar is a presentation of the results of the Central Registry Survey: Feasibility of Improving Timeliness and Reporting Standards distributed in May 2016. To augment what we learned from the survey, the webinar will also include a brief presentation by the 12-Month Data Task Force, describing results from their evaluation of the completeness and quality of 12-month data submitted by registries to NAACCR in their annual call for data.

Winny Roshala, BA, CTR

Director of Data Quality Control

Ms. Roshala serves as the Director of Data Quality Control with the Cancer Registry of Greater California. She also currently serves as a member of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) Board of Directors, as well as various NAACCR Steering Committees, Work Groups and Task Forces.

Mary Jane King, MPH, CTR


Mary Jane King received her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Massachusetts, and is a Certified Tumor Registrar and Medical Practice Manager. She has managed general practitioner practices in the US and in the UK. She trained for cancer registration in a hospital setting in Connecticut and worked in two US state cancer registries before becoming the manager of the Ontario Cancer Registry in 2006.

Antoinette Stroup, PhD


Nan Stroup is the Director of the New Jersey State Cancer Registry, and has previously served as the Co-Chair of the Standardization and Registry Development Steering Committee. She currently serves on the Board of Directors as President-Elect. Nan will be providing an overview of the project and describe survey responses in the Registry Profile section of the survey. Nan will also provide a short summary of next steps, which will occur toward the end of the presentation.

Frank Boscoe, PhD

Research Scientist

Frank Boscoe is a long-time employee of the New York State Cancer Registry and is currently a member of the NAACCR Board of Directors. Today he will be reporting on data quality measures of the 12 month data submission versus the 23 month data submission.

Randi Rycroft, MSPH, CTR


Randi Rycroft is the Director of the Colorado Central Cancer Registry at the Colorado Department of Public Health. She has worked for the Department of Health for nearly 28 years and has served as CCCR's Director for the past 13 years. Randi is currently serving as co-Chair of NAACCR's Standardization & Registry Development Steering Committee.


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