RDU Webinar Series: Data Visualization a Tool for Sharing Cancer Registry Data

Recorded On: 10/12/2016

North American cancer registries excel at collecting high-quality data and, as a result, they are among the most sophisticated disease surveillance systems in the world. We have not always focused equal effort on sharing our knowledge with the rest of the world in an easily consumable format. This webinar will show how modern data visualization methods can be used to make our data easier to access and understand for both internal and external stakeholders. Attendees will gain a high-level understanding of state-of-the-art data visualization principles and methods to can be used to enhance communication of cancer registry data in multiple forms including operational reports, surveillance reports, and research results.

The first portion of this webinar will review basic principles of visual design and provide an overview of different data visualization approaches. We will describe how to match the message you are trying to convey with the different types of graphs and design approaches. Through a series of make-overs, we will demonstrate how different data visualization techniques can improve the effectiveness of your data presentations. Finally, we will provide attendees with pointers to resources to help apply these principles in their work.

In the second portion of the webinar will describe examples from the Colorado Central Cancer Registry (CCCR) of several data visualization and dissemination projects that make registry data easier to access and understand. Specific examples of recent data visualizations will be shown and discussed with the audience, with an emphasis on how processes have changed related to data dissemination. We will also discuss successes and barriers of using the new technology.

David Stinchcomb

Senior Health Research Manager

Dave Stinchcomb is a senior health research manager at Westat Inc. focusing primarily on disease surveillance, geospatial analysis, data linkages, public health informatics, and data visualization. At Westat, Mr. Stinchcomb chairs a data visualization working group that serves as a steering committee for Westat's data visualization activities.

Randi Rycroft, MSPH, CTR


Randi Rycroft is the Director of the Colorado Central Cancer Registry at the Colorado Department of Public Health. She has worked for the Department of Health for nearly 28 years and has served as CCCR's Director for the past 13 years. Randi is currently serving as co-Chair of NAACCR's Standardization & Registry Development Steering Committee.