Cancer Surveillance Webinar Series: Innovative Uses of Cancer Registry Data

Recorded On: 01/13/2016

This webinar is a new series sponsored by the Research and Data Use Steering Committee. The idea is to bring high quality presentations that were presented during the annual conference to a wider audience via webinar. If you have seen a presentation at the annual conference, or elsewhere, that you feel would benefit the larger NAACCR community, please suggest it be presented in this forum. The first presentations in this series are:

Pre-Invasive Cervical Cancer HPV Genotyping in Kentucky: Preliminary Results: Kentucky Cancer Registry (KCR) has developed a population-based pre-invasive cervical cancer surveillance system to collect information on all pre-invasive cervical cancer cases defined CIN-3 or AIS. The KCR conducted analysis on pre-invasive cervical cancer burden and HPV genotypes for Appalachian versus non-Appalachian white women. This presentation will provide an overview of the KCR system as well as results from the first analysis of this type at the state level.

Using Cancer Registry Data to Evaluate Breast Cancer Incidence by Subtype: This presentation will describe fitness for use in research of the data items used to comprise HR/HER2 status for breast cancers as well as how to group HR/HER2 for standard, meaningful analysis of breast cancer subtypes.


Tom Tucker, PhD, Director, Kentucky Cancer Registry and Associate Director for Cancer Control, Markey Cancer Center University of Kentucky

Recinda Sherman, PhD, Program Manager, Data Use and Research, NAACCR


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