Annual Report to the Nation with a Special Feature on Cancer in Adults Aged 20-49

Recorded On: 06/27/2019

On behalf of NAACCR and our co-authors from ACS, CDC, and NCI, we are pleased to present a webinar on the latest Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer. This is our 21st Annual Report, and NAACCR was the lead agency. The Annual Report represents a collaborative effort by senior researchers from each major cancer surveillance organization in the United States to produce the up to date and comprehensive trends in cancer incidence and mortality. Each year we also focus on a special topic, and this year we focused on cancer among adults aged 20-49.

Recinda Sherman

Program Manager of Data Use and Research

Elizabeth Ward

Consultant to NAACCR

Elizabeth is an epidemiologist and former Vice President for Surveillance and Health Services Research at the American Cancer Society. She currently works as a consultant to NAACCR helping to coordinate standards development across major surveillance organizations and was the lead author for the Annual Report to the Nation this year.


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