SEER Summary Stage 2018

  • SEER Summary Stage 2018 Webinar
    Please note that slides will appear after 35 seconds of talking.
  • SEER Summary Stage Q&A
    The Q&A has been updated. (11/07/2018)
  • SEER Summary Stage 2018 Slides
    Slides have been updated (11/07/2018)

Solid Tumor Rules

Information from the 2018 Solid Tumor Rules Webinar presented on August 30, 2018

  • STM Intro
    This was presented on August 30, 2018. This webinar was divided into four sections.
  • Intro Slides
    These are slides for the intro portion or the webinar
  • STM Breast
    Solid Tumor Breast Rules
  • STM Colon
    2018 Solid Tumor Rules Colon
  • STM Lung
    Solid Tumor Lung Rules
  • STM CNS Benign and Malignant
    Solid Tumor CNS Benign and Malignant Rules
  • Q&A
    Solid Tumor Webinar Q&A

New Radiation Coding Rules

Information you need to know in regards to the new 2018 Radiation Coding Rules

New Grade Coding Rules

This is a collection of information about the 2018 New Grade Coding rules

  • Webinar
    Webinar of the New Grade Coding Rules for 2018
  • Slides
    Slides from Grade Coding webinar in .pdf format
  • Supplemental Handout
    Supplemental had out for the Grade Coding Webinar
  • Quizzes and Table Resources
    Grade Coding Quiz and Table Resources
  • Q&A
    Q&A from New Grade Coding Webinar


Overview and Information on EditWriter5

  • Tips for Developing State Specific Metafiles in EW5
    Elaine reviews steps required to create a state specific metafile using EditWriter5.
  • Overview of EditWriter 5
  • Overview of Editwriter 5

2018 Implementation Timelines

  • 2018 Implementations and Timelines
    Review of the 2018 Timeline, Update on the NAACCR Site-Specific Data Item Taskforce