SEER Summary Stage 2018

  • SEER Summary Stage 2018 Webinar
    Please note that slides will appear after 35 seconds of talking.
  • SEER Summary Stage Q&A
    The Q&A has been updated. (11/07/2018)
  • SEER Summary Stage 2018 Slides
    Slides have been updated (11/07/2018)

Solid Tumor Rules

The recordings and documents for these presentations have been removed since the Solid Tumor Manual has been updated.   

New Radiation Coding Rules

Information you need to know in regards to the new 2018 Radiation Coding Rules

  • Webinar
    Radiation Coding Rules
  • Slides
    Slide from webinar in .pdf format. These have been updated 3/15/2019
  • Radiation Coding Case Scenarios
    Case Scenarios
  • Radiation Coding Case Scenario Answers
    Case Scenario Answers

New Grade Coding Rules

This is a collection of information about the 2018 New Grade Coding rules

  • Webinar
    Webinar of the New Grade Coding Rules for 2018
  • Slides
    Slides from Grade Coding webinar in .pdf format
  • Supplemental Handout
    Supplemental had out for the Grade Coding Webinar
  • Quizzes and Table Resources
    Grade Coding Quiz and Table Resources
  • Q&A
    Q&A from New Grade Coding Webinar


Overview and Information on EditWriter5

  • Tips for Developing State Specific Metafiles in EW5
    Elaine reviews steps required to create a state specific metafile using EditWriter5.
  • Overview of EditWriter 5
  • Overview of Editwriter 5